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Never Stop Learning and Growing

If we truly want to be people following the Great Commission, we cannot rest on what we have learned in the past.  Our desire should be to continue growing in understanding of how to share what we have been given with others.  We would like to continue to offer you the tools to do this by presenting educational and growth opportunities related to Mission and Outreach.  Please consider the following opportunity - take a Perspectives class.

Take a Perspectives Class

Perspectives is a 15 week discipleship class that will change the way you view the world around you. Learn firsthand from 15 highly-regarded missions leaders and mentors across denominations. Be challenged by their personal experiences. Perspectives will help you develop a vision for the heart and purpose of God. Discover how you can take part in what God is doing, whether in the urban & suburban streets of the U.S. or the rain forest, mountains and deserts of distant lands. 

Perspectives is:

  • Rooted in Scripture
  • A panorama of Kingdom history and people
  • An introduction to the latest strategies and challenges in the 21st century

Designed to help build global momentum to equip people to complete the Great Commission, classes are offered both in-room and online. For more information go to: https://class.perspectives.org/