Senior High Events

HS Communities | Sunday, November 11 | 10:40 AM - 12:00 PM | Room 102
All High School Students are invited to hang out with friends and discover who God is through small and large group discussion centered around the Bible.  This week, we are starting a new series on The Trinity and Why it Matters.

Higher Ground | Sunday, November 11 | 6:30 - 8:30 PM | FUEL Room
All High School Students are invited to hang out with friends, laugh, gather in small groups, and be encouraged in their faith. 

Consistent Practice | Genesis
We are inviting our students to join us in developing a consistent rhythm of connecting with God by reading the Bible and praying.  This coming week, we are starting the book of Genesis where we are reading about some of the covenants God made with man.  Check out the schedule for reading and prayer below:

  • Reading
    • Week starting Monday, November 12. Genesis 1-3
    • Week starting Monday, November 19. Genesis 4-6
    • Week starting Monday, November 26. Genesis 7-9
    • Week starting Monday, December 3. Genesis 10-12
    • Week starting Monday, December 10. Genesis 13-15
  • Prayer
    • Week one – God’s character (Thankfulness)
    • Week two – God kingdom
    • Week three – God’s provision
    • Week four – God’s Forgiveness

Parent Connection Point
For two weeks, we are talking about the Trinity. It’s a challenging topic with layers and stuff we tend to not be able to explain well. But, it’s important to give it a whirl. As you talk with your student(s) about faith over the next few weeks, share how you relate to God, to Jesus, and to the Holy Spirit. By the way, for some of us, we only talk about God. Or Jesus. Rarely do we talk to our students about the Holy Spirit. I (Jim) have had two significant conversations with students over the past six months about being able to “listen to God” and being frustrated in faith because they don’t feel like they “hear from him.” There’s a lot happening in these conversations, but some is simply misunderstanding how God, three in one, interacts with us.

Senior High Retreats

Be on the lookout for information on the High School Winter Retreat coming soon...