Coronavirus Information Hub

We are aware that this crisis is creating needs in the lives of our people, and we are at work to respond to those needs as we are able.


Some at Hope have already experienced the loss of loved ones due to the virus.

  • Grief Share – A group that meets weekly to watch a brief video teaching and then discuss grief with others who are walking their journey of grief.
  • Journey Through Grief Booklets – Sent two weeks after the death, then a booklet every quarter of the following year, following you through the first year of grief, offering empathy, tips, what to expect, and more.
  • Funeral – If your loved one who has passed away was part of Hope Church, or if they are local and didn’t have a church home, reach out to our Spiritual Direction office.
  • Individual Prayer – If you would just like someone to pray with you, we’d be happy to have someone reach out to you.

Job Loss

The financial crisis is impacting many in our community and congregation. If you have lost your job, please reach out to Pastor Steve Griebling at sgriebling@hopemason.org.

  • Job Loss Support Group A group that meets online weekly (Thursday nights at 7:00 PM) for sharing, encouragement, prayer, and support.
  • Community Resources Outside of Hope:
    • Job Search Focus Group – Hyde Park Methodist Church - jsfg.com
    • 9:00-11:00 AM Monday, 75 people/week meeting, speakers, etc.
  • At Work On Purpose – Helpful collection of resources, both local and national

Financial Crisis

  • Compassion Fund - If you have lost your job or are experiencing short-term financial need, let us know. We are sometimes able to provide short-term financial assistance to Hope Church members and regular attenders.
  • Financial Coaching
    • Scott Ellsworth, Controller at Hope, sellsworth@hopemason.org
  • Community Resources Outside of Hope:


Loneliness and anxiety are profound challenges. Those challenges are deepened in this time of staying at home.

  • Relational Connection – We have groups that meet through video conferencing for relationship building, mutual encouragement, spiritual growth, and prayer. Some are groups that have been meeting for some time, and others are just starting. Let us know if you’d like to get connected.
  • Prayer – If you want someone to reach out and pray with you, let us know. We’d love to have someone reach out to you.
  • Professional Faith-Based Counseling Referral – If you’d like information on faith-based professional counselors in the area, reach out to the Spiritual Direction office.


Being at home all the time and the stresses of this crisis can put additional strain on marriage and family relationships. If you’re experiencing these challenges and would like help, consider these resources:

  • Marriage Mentors – We have couples who have been married for some time who are ready to be compassionate listeners, to pray with and for you, and support you in your marriage.
  • Marriage Videos – We have a wealth of resources through Right Now Media of videos to help with marriage enrichment.
  • Prayer – If you want someone to reach out and pray with you, let us know. We’d love to have someone reach out to you.
  • Relational Connection – One of the best things that can help is a connection with other couples or a small group of men or women who can listen with compassion and be an encouragement.