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Ministry to Men On-ramps


Sports and Hobbies

Events below serve as an on-ramp to more significant connecting opportunities.  For more information on any of these opportunities, contact the person listed below, email us at or call the church office at 513.459.0800.


Men's Golf - a golf ball near the hole

Men’s Golf League - 15-week league at Mason Golf Center in the Spring/Summer pairing men on teams for fellowship and fun competition. All levels welcome.  Consider being a sub (substitute) for the league. Questions? Contact Bill Creutzinger for more information.

Car Shows


Car Shows - Are you an auto enthusiast? Join other men and attend a variety of car shows in the tri-state area. Join our Car Show group HERE to receive notice of upcoming car show dates. Questions? Contact Greg Stanley for more information.

Men's Cycling


Men's Cycling - Men combining exercise and friendship-building on Loveland Bike Trails in the Spring/Summer. Questions? Contact Brian Bieri or Paul Arel for more information.

Disc Golf


Disc Golf - In the Spring/Summer/Fall. Questions? Contact Mark Wanamaker for more information.

Softball - base in the dirt

- Join us Tuesdays, late April to late July at Corwin Nixon Park, Mason.  Games are usually between 6:20 PM and 9:20 PM.  Approximately $65-70 for regular players to cover cost of an umpire and field useage for all the games. Questions?  Contact Mike Rutherford or call him at 513.604.6796 for more information.

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