Triad Discipleship Groups 

At Hope Church, we believe that growth in the LIFE Jesus came to give us happens best in environments where:

  • We are growing in the knowledge and experience of God’s grace by being channels of God’s forgiveness and help in each other’s lives;
  • We are getting to know and love God more deeply through the study of His Word;
  • We are building relationships of deepening authenticity where we can be honest about our deeper joys and struggles;
  • We are growing in our love for people who are far from God, and joining God on mission in the world.
  • We are helping one another multiply, to make disciples!

 In a Triad, you will experience all of these things.


A “Triad” is a group of 3-4 women who meet regularly for a little over a year to grow deeply in loving God, each other, and the world, and then multiplying.

What is the TIME Commitment?

  • Daily individual time with God in Scripture and prayer.
  • Weekly Triad meeting for an hour or two to share what God is doing, to encourage and pray for each other, and to discuss the eight Lifelong Priorities of a Multiplying disciple of Jesus.
  • A Monthly “group experience” with your triad to deepen in your understanding of and appreciation for the Eight Lifelong  Priorities.

      * The journey will take about a year if you meet weekly.


How do I LEARN more?

Call or e-mail Pastor Bill at and they will be happy to give you more information.


How do I JOIN a Triad?      

  1. Let Pastor Bill ( or Margaret Kim ( know of your interest and they will gladly guide you.
  2. Start diving into opportunities to meet others at Hope, like Community Groups or Ministry to Men or Ministry to Women events.
  3. Begin praying that God will bring someone to your mind to invite into the Triad journey with you.  As you find one, pray together for a third.
  4. Once you have a third, e-mail Bill or Margaret. They will help you get materials and get you going!

As soon as possible, we urge you to take the “Listening Seminar” offered at Hope Church as soon as possible.  If you’ve taken it once, we encourage you to take it again.  Contact Shelli Doolin in the Spiritual Direction office at