The three of us are ready to start our Triad--what do we do next?                                                                    

Once you have your group identified, one of you contact Pastor Bill Craig (  He will provide instructions for how each of you will register for your materials.  Once all members have registered and paid for the book and guide, you will be assigned a Triad Coach who will contact and meet with your group to help get you started.         

The coach will bring the materials to that first meeting.

Why do we need a Triad Coach?                                  

The role of the coach is to first help a new group launch successfully.  They will go over the materials and answer any questions that your group has.  

The coaches have either completed one Triad or are about to finish.  Their personal experience will be valuable to your group when you hit a snag along the way (and most groups will).

After the start up meeting, the coach will check in with members every five weeks or so in the beginning to encourage, answer questions or help problem solve as needed.  As your group continues, the coach will check in at the mid-point and near the end to allow members to provide feedback and suggestions.