Early Childhood Center

Birth - Kindergarten


We will be using GO! curriculum. 

Scope and Sequence

 Curriculum Overview

We like the curriculum for three main reasons:
• It is very God-centered and not story and character centered
• It lends itself very well to doing centers to help kids learn the bible point through activity
• The lessons are very teacher friendly and do a great job of reinforcing the main point about God in a variety of ways.


Learning centers are a big part of the morning’s experience for the kids in the ECC. Children learn, grow, and internalize through interactive experiences with each other, with adults, and with real materials that require all of their senses. When your child enters the room they will be invited to participate in one of the four centers set up for the morning. Each one will illustrate the main point of that day’s lesson.

You can help prepare your child for this learning experience.  Children will be directed to one of the four centers. Talk with your child and encourage their curiosity to what they may be doing at the centers today. Will they go to the art center and make something? Will they choose the coloring sheet? Will they choose a center where they are more active?


Ages as of August 2019

Room 203     Elephants (1 ½ - Young 2’s)
Room 206     Lambs (Babies - 1 ½)
Room 207     Frogs (Kindergarten)
Room 208     Giraffes (Young 3’s – Young 4’s/Going to Kindergarten in 2 years)
Room 209     Butterflies (Older 4’s – Young 5’s/Going to Kindergarten next year)


It has been amazing to participate with God as we provide opportunities for adults and students to use the gifts God has given them in shepherding our littlest ones. You will see adults and youth leading in the classrooms. The adults are mentoring the youth and training them how to interact with and teach the children. We have an INCREDIBLE team of volunteers! Take time to know them and thank them. There are a couple more spots available, so if you want to join our team, just give us a call, or email us at


No matter if you are in the lamb room where they are rocking babies, or in the frog room with a class of kindergartners, this is what you will see:
• Safety – safety is our first priority. Children cannot learn if they do not feel safe physically, emotionally and spiritually.
• Prayer – prayer with the kids or over the kids. We want to pray for you too! If you have a request personally or for your child, don’t hesitate to share it with the shepherd.
• Bible – a bible teaching that centers on our amazing God! (Yes, with babies too!)