Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we go when we first arrive?
All visitors to Kids' Ministry must be checked in at the New Family Check-In Desk. The Kids' Ministry New Family Check-In Desk is located in the main hallway. Look for the Kids' Ministry logo on the right side of the main hallway.  There will be friendly greeters who will register your child.  Your child will receive a name tag, and parents will receive a security tag. 
May my children accompany me to the main worship service? 
Yes!  Families are always welcome to worship together.
Can my children be in the same class?
Kids' Ministry at Hope Church consists of two main areas: The Early Childhood Center for ages birth-kindergarten and the Grade School Ministry for grades 1st - 4th. Children may only attend classes within the appropriate area. While we highly encourage kids to jump right in and start making friends in their age-appropriate class, we will allow first time visitors to attend class with a sibling, relative, or friend within the same ministry area. Older children must always "move down" to the younger class. Younger children are not permitted to attend a class with older kids. 
What if my child has allergies or other medical conditions?
As part of the registration you will be asked if your child has any allergies, or medical conditions.  If there are any allergies, they will be printed on your child's name tag.  You are welcome and encouraged to speak with your child's shepherd regarding any special circumstances.
What about safety and security?
All adults and teens working with kids at Hope Church have been trained on our ministry values and classroom management policies as well as safety and security. All adult volunteers over the age of 18 have been subject to a criminal background check. Volunteers are required to provide references which are then contacted for follow-up. 
All kids participating in Kids' Ministry on Sunday morning must be signed in on the check-in kiosks, or at the New Family Welcome Desk. Printed on the child's name tag is a security code.  The parent is issued a tag with the security code. In order to pick up a child, the parent must have this security tag. The child will not be released to anyone who does not have the correct security tag. 
The doors to the Early Childhood Center and Grade School classrooms are locked during the services.  There will be a sign on the door with a number to text/call if you need access to the classrooms or your child.  Please have your security tag ready.  The doors are locked from 9:20am -10:20am and then again from 11:00am-12:00pm.
How will you contact me if I am needed?
If it is necessary that you be contacted while your child is in their class, you will receive a text to the number printed on the child's nametag.
What do the kids wear?
Most kids at Hope Church dress casually. We sit on the floor a lot, go outside when we can and sometimes we get a little messy. But if your kids want to dress up a little, that's fine too. You will see a wide range of styles on a typical Sunday morning.
Do we need to bring anything?
We encourage kids to bring their own Bible if they have one. However, we have plenty of extras to share! 
For your infants and toddlers: Bring a small diaper bag labeled with your child's name. Please label all personal items ( pacifiers, bottles, etc.)
What will the kids be doing while they are here?
The Sunday morning experience consists of both small and large group teaching time and activities. We worship together, have prayer time and build relationships.
Is my child with special needs welcome at Hope Church?
Yes! All kids are welcome and loved at Hope Church. If you have questions regarding our ministry to children with special needs and their families, please contact Theresa Messer, Director of Special Needs Ministry at 513.459.0800 ext.325 or