Grade School

1st - 5th Grade


In the grade school, we do different things each service.

First Service: 

Hillsong Kids BiG is a complete, all-inclusive Children’s Ministry Curriculum, presenting Christ-centered, Bible-based teaching that is relevant to practical living and empowers children to lead and impact in every sphere of life. We want children to lead big expansive lives, grow up to be big people that lead and influence in every area of their big lives, believing in a big God and making a big difference.

Please make sure your children come with a Bible if possible. If you do not have one, no problem!
We’ll hook them up! We will be using these in the lesson and in Bible sword drills.

You can check out the curriculum at this web site: Hillsong Big Curriculum

Second Service: 

First through fifth grade will sign in their assigned classrooms. Kids then go to Higher Ground for worship. Classes are then dismissed to their class for the teaching and activities. Parents sign their child out in their classroom at the end of the service.  We use Dig-In from Group Publishing Company. We have used this curriculum the past couple years. You can check out the curriculum at this web site: DigIn Group

The reason we like this curriculum is because:
• It is God-centered and not story or character centered.
• It offers a wide variety of activities for teachers in planning their lesson.
• It understands different learning styles and is very age-appropriate.


The answer to this question is simply one word: RELATIONSHIPS! Children need to not only grow STRONGER in their knowledge and relationship with God, but they also need opportunities to grow CLOSER in relationship with others. This takes time. And kids relate best with each other through play and unstructured time. That is why we start and end each morning with play.

You can help your child! Being consistent in which service you attend and how often you attend GREATLY affects your child’s ability to make friends at church.


 FIRST SERVICE                                        

Higher Ground


216   1st Grade 
215   2nd Grade 
218   3rd Grade
218   4th Grade


It has been amazing to participate with God as we provide opportunities for adults and students to use the gifts God has given them in shepherding our littlest ones. You will see adults and youth leading in the classrooms. The adults are mentoring the youth and training them how to interact with and teach the children. We have an INCREDIBLE team of volunteers! Take time to know them and thank them. There are a couple more spots available, so if you want to join our team, just give us a call, or email us at


No matter if your child is in first grade or fifth, this is what you can expect each Sunday:
• Safety – safety is our first priority. Children cannot learn if they do not feel safe physically, emotionally and spiritually.
• Prayer – prayer with the kids. We want to pray for you too! If you have a request personally or for your child, don’t hesitate to share it with the shepherd.
• Bible – a bible teaching that centers on our amazing God! We feel very convicted to give a clear Gospel message many different times and in different ways throughout the year. Please be praying for us and for the children to have open hearts to receive the message.