Purity Ministries 

At Hope Church we understand the real-life sexual temptations that men face every day: from billboards, to magazine ads, television, movies and Internet pornography. Women are also facing an increasing amount of sexual temptations, and, of course, kids are under bombardment from all direction: from the blatant to the subtle, from images to attitudes.

These temptations threaten our reputations, careers, marriages and families. We are working to meet these attacks head on.

If you need help or encouragement in this area, contact and we will get you connected with others who can encourage you on the journey to Purity.

"Two are better than one, for when one falls down, his friend can help him up"
- Ecclesiastes 4:9a, 10a


We know that our church is not immune, so we want to train our men to use the weapons of God to become men of integrity, as well as better husbands and fathers. 

For more information, contact Curtis Howbert at 513.288.3625

Faithful and True

Looking for real answers to how to have sexual integrity in a fallen world? We are looking for men who are brave enough to get to the root of these issues. Ultimately, we want every man at Hope to participate in 13-week Faithful and True group. Find out what 250 men of Hope have already experienced. Call Curtis Howbert at 513.288.3625 or to register or to ask questions.

This 13-week curriculum is broken into two main sections. Part One covers what healthy male sexuality looks like and it will expand your understanding of issues that affect healthy sexuality. Part Two concentrates on sexual sin and issues such as the cycle of addiction, powerlessness, unmanageable acting out and family history. The course covers all of these topics from a Biblical perspective and the atmosphere is grace-based and filled with hope. Our goal is that every man at Hope Church would complete this course and over 200 men have done so over the last 5 years.

Accountability as a Lifestyle

Surveys conducted with Hope Church men have revealed that 65% of our men clearly recognize that they need help in dealing with sexual issues. Another 17% admitted they were not sure if they needed help. Combined this means that 82% of the respondents to the survey probably need help in this area of their lives. Covenant Eyes Accountability Software surveys have estimated that 70% of men struggle with Internet pornography. We need to help each other! Men are encouraged to have ongoing accountability with other men. (See the Men's Small Groups tab under Men of Hope to the left). 

Accountability has been defined as:

  • “Making a person answerable for what they say they will do” 
  • “Giving permission to ask me the same questions God might ask me in heaven”