In the book Multiply, Pastor Stephen Kirk writes, “The graced are indeed the best and only conduits of grace.” In Graceful Listening, you will learn the basics of being a graceful person with:

  • Your family: spouse, children (young and adult), and parents
  • Your friends, teammates, boss, coworkers, clients
  • All attenders of Hope Church
  • People of a different race or culture
  • People you disagree with in values, theology, politics, and world view
  • People within your reach but outside the faith

The skills presented in Graceful Listening are foundational in developing relationships that are blessed by grace.  These are called GREW skills:

Genuineness-communicating openly and honestly one’s thoughts, feelings, abilities, and capacities.

Respect- communicating unconditional worth of another.

Empathy-communicating accurate understanding, especially the unique thoughts and feelings of others.

Warmth-communicating caring acceptance

These GREW skills are critical as we grow in sacrificial love for one another and build a welcoming, healing, and multiplying faith community of believers and seekers. Along with our own growth, the lifelong priority of pursue makes clear that following Jesus is not just about us, as much as it is to embody a taste of grace for those that do not yet know Jesus. In Graceful Listening, we can learn to implement these relationship skills to lead people to Jesus and encourage them to grow in Him.

The next Graceful Listening class will be offered Sunday, October 24 from 9 to 10:15 in the Fellowship Hall and will run for 5 consecutive Sundays with the last class being November 21.  The lecture portion of the class will viewed by class attendees online during the week and the Sunday classes will be time spent reviewing the lecture material and practicing graceful listening.

Please contact Shelli Doolin with any questions or for early registration at 513-204-1048 or by email at


Renewing the Mind reinforces and expands upon Graceful Listening. It is based on Paul’s teaching “do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.” It equips us with a practical process to thrive with daily Gospel grace and to follow the Spirit.  Once equipped to apply this tool for ourselves, we can share it to bless others who seek our support and guidance.

Renewing the Mind teaches:

  • How to renew our thought patterns that often rob us of our joy
  • How to take thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ
  • How to recognize foundational elements that give rise to actions and feelings that subtly govern our daily life
  • A practical tool in hearing God
  • A simple map for listening to others

 The skills developed in Renewing the Mind, combined with the skills from Graceful Listening, will provide the tools needed to be an exceptional neighbor, employee, and family member. You will be equipped to think and move with God’s love and power in your relationships.

On behalf of the Lead Team pastors and elders, we deeply appreciate your love for the Lord and your desire to be equipped to be on mission to Multiply.

The next Renewing the Mind class will be offered in 2022.  Please contact Shelli Doolin at 204-1048 or by email at with any questions or to to place your name on a list.