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Welcome to Hope Church Student Ministries. 

We are a gathering of students (grades 6–12) and adult leaders who are learning to live in relationship with Jesus, one another, and the world.

We exist to offer adolescents access to the life-changing person of Christ and to leaders and peers that can help process their faith journey. In addition, Hope Student Ministries wants to provide resources for parents and families as they help their sons and daughters navigate the teenage years. Just like the church as a whole, we are creating environments such as friendships, large group gatherings, small group communities, and events so that students can experience Jesus changing them to MULTIPLY.

We also realize that the adolescent journey is marked with a variety of developmental differences from adults which has led us to create a lens for which we look at Stronger, Closer, and Further. During a student's time in Hope Student Ministries, we will encourage students to Discover God, Develop Character, and Do work that brings God's Kingdom.  

Thanks for visiting Hope and our website. Please let us know if you need anything.