Welcome to Hope Church's Jr. High Ministry

We are students (grades 6 - 8), volunteers, and staff who spend time together every week sharing in laughter, building lasting relationships, and growing in Christ.  Our goal is to grow stronger, closer and further by discovering who God is, developing Godly character, and doing kingdom work.

The Middle School years are some of the toughest and most important times in the life of a teenager. Therefore, it is critical that Jr. High students invest their time into discovering who they say Jesus is. If a student can be led to do this, then they will have an experience with God that is unforgettable and life changing.  By nature, Jr. Highers are energetic, moldable, and optimistic about life.  So, it's a great time to fall in love with Jesus, form great friendships, and make a difference in the world.

When We Meet

Fuel - Sunday Mornings at 10:40

FUEL is a large group gathering time for students who are in grades 6 - 8. We meet in the FUEL room. It's a time to let loose, laugh, play, talk, learn, and focus. FUEL can look different from week to week or month to month. We do all sorts of things to help students build meaningful relationships with God and one another. Almost every week we play games, discuss the Bible, & gather in smaller groups. Some weeks we also sing, or pray, or eat delicious food. Regardless of the week, it is always a great time. We meet every week except for Hope's designated Mosaic Services (month of July & other sporadic Sundays throughout the year).

Ignite - Sunday Nights at 6:30

Ignite is a time for students to gather in small groups. These groups are determined by grade and gender and led by two adult volunteers. All groups meet at Hope Church. During each IGNITE, we spend time together as a whole where we build memories together and share stories of life and faith. Then we break out into small groups where we do activities and dive into biblical discussion. A student who attends all 3 years of Ignite will be taken through topics of spiritual formation highlighting God's character, the gospel, and how they interact with culture! IGNITE is where we encourage students to come with their questions and doubts and expect to experience an open and inviting climate to be investigating who Jesus is.