When We Meet

HS Communities on Sunday Mornings at 10:40  
HS Communities is a space set aside on Sunday mornings for High School students to gather together and grow in their understanding of who God is.  We gather in room 102 and center the morning around three things: hanging out, eating food (if students bring it...), and studying the Bible. The teaching time is more 'academic' in nature with one leader facilitating discussion (both large and smaller groups) as students process the current series.

Higher Ground (HG) on Sunday Nights from 6:30 - 8:30 
HG is our Sunday night large and small group meeting.  Students and volunteer leaders gather in the basement of the church (FUEL room) from 6:30-8:30.  HG flows through "rotations" that can be described as follows:

  • A normal Higher Ground has these four elements: hang out, small group time, game/skit/media, and a biblically encouraging talk.  
  • A Restart Night begins a talk series so we mix it up a little bit.  We might be at a home, having a dart war, or playing capture the flag.  In general, Restart Nights allow students to stay in a large group and connect in a casual environment.  It's a good place to bring a friend for the first time.  
  • Worship Nights are evenings where we invite those who enjoy singing and prayer as a response to God.  
For more information about what's happening in HG this week, check out our events page or sign up for our weekly emails.


While we love our programs and hope they are genuine places where relationships can be built with leaders and peers who can help them process faith, we also know that Jesus asks for more than programs.  Yes, Jesus spoke to the crowds, but he spent even more time developing the twelve.  This relational model of ministry where leaders can walk alongside students (and families) and help them discover their own faith in God while also having God develop their character is what lies beyond our normal programming.  We are currently offering a variety of ways for students to connect with adult leaders:

  • One on ones (or twos...)- Have a random question? Need a listening ear? Just want to talk? Ask your leader, give a call, or let us know.  These conversations are often the best parts of our days.  
  • Triads - Students meet consistently together to walk through the nine lifelong priorities of the MULTIPLY journey created by Hope Church.  Leaders would connect monthly with students to provide resources and encouragement.  
  • Discipleship Groups - Students meet weekly with a leader to grow stronger, closer, and further.
  • Immersion Groups - Students meet weekly with a leader to grow stronger, closer, and further. Groups also choose a "mission" in order to live out the further piece together.  

We realize that these are quick descriptions of discipleship pieces that might leave you with many questions. Please feel free to contact Jim Tinsley with any questions you may have.