Jim Tinsley - Pastor of Student Ministries

I serve as the Pastor of Student Ministries.  My days are spent building relationships with students and helping them and their families navigate the questions that arise in the adolescent years.  I also provide leadership for staff and volunteers while helping create programming, events, and discipleship opportunities.  If I had to label out my heart for each student that walked through our doors it would simply be that they would come to know our big God, his compassionate son, Jesus, and to encourage them to respond with a surrendered life.  I am married to Kelly and have three boys: Cooper, Matthew and Hudson. I enjoy basketball, nature, and McAlister's tea. You can reach me at 513.459.0800 ext. 370 or at

Ethan Ingvaldsen - Director of Student Ministries

I love Jesus, pointing students toward him, and having a fun time doing it. As Director of Student Ministries, I create weekly programming and help students step out in their gifts through the student worship team. My wife Amy and I have one son. I have eleven different ways of making coffee. I love a good movie, a good book, and just about any kind of ridiculous game or activity. You can reach me at 513.459.0800 ext. 311 or

Lindsey Haas - Director of Student Women

As the Director of Student Women, I get the privilege of working alongside the student ministry staff team to assist in leading students, specifically girls, grades 7-12 into a deeper relationship with Jesus. My philosophy of student ministry is you must earn the right to be heard, because of that, I take great joy in pouring the majority of my time and energy into building relationships with our student women. When I’m not hanging out with students I assist in encouraging and training our volunteers and supporting our ministry administratively.  In my spare time you’ll find me enjoying meals with friends and family, playing games or sports, and relaxing on my couch watching television. You can reach me at 513.459.0800 ext. 321 or at