Moto Ikebana  - Advance the art of Ikebana (Japanese art of fresh flower arranging), share a Biblical worldview Contribute to Christian ministries (Moto is a 501-C3 non profit- Brenda is the president). ( Moto celebrates its 20th anniversary in November 2021. )    


Sept 14,15, Oct 12,13, Nov 9,10, 2022: Jan, 11,12, Feb 8,9, Mar 8,9, April 5,6, (early avoiding Holy week), May 3,4.

Times:  90 minutes includes Cultural feature, devotion, prayer, Overview of design, Critique, and photo of student with their Ikebana.   

Where: Hope Church Campus

Items needed: A flower cutter, bucket (to carry home flowers) cash or check, must purchase/ or have a 3 ½” round Kenzan ( a Japanese pin holder. (cost $20 ea) - finding a container is part of the journey- inexpensive plastic type are available for purchase- or use a casserole dish.  

Experience level, ( no experience necessary)

Registration needed- Yes need to contact me 3 weeks prior to the class so I can order the fresh materials.  Open class times only!

Cost:  $35 annual fee, then $20-30 for each design-includes flowers, foliage, and lesson.  (The fee pays for printing costs, class supplies, photos, etc. All proceeds support 8 different Christian ministries)

Age range: ( any women upper grade school to 90’s and beyond, most of our students age range is 30’s to 90’s

Check out:  Moto Ikebana Facebook, to see a video of our class & cultural feature.

Contact:  Brenda Baird, 513-860-5630-home or