Moto Ikebana is for women of any age. Ikebana is the art of fresh flower arranging, inspired approx.600 years ago in Japan. Designs symbolize heaven, man and earth. Moto follows ancient forms with a Biblical perspective.

~ In 90 minutes: learn the beauty of Japanese culture, includes a bible devotion, prayer, then create with flowers, relax, enjoy fellowship, a critique and photo.

When: Once a month, September to May, (not Dec) 2020: Sept 15, Oct 13, Nov 10, 2021: Jan 12, Feb 9, Mar. 9, April 13, May 11.

Class times: In Person: (Choose 1 time: Tuesday 10am- FULL, 1pm, 7pm - OR a NEW Pick up and Go offering: Pick up in lobby Flower Kit,  paperwork, mail a check, watch video on Facebook beginning Wednesday 7pm or any time after that.  

Where: Lower Level room #108

Cost: Varies per design  $18-28.  (Includes flowers and lesson.) Moto is a 501-c3 (non profit) supporting several Christian ministries. (Not included: kenzan, container, cutters, & membership.)

Check out:  Moto Ikebana Facebook, to see a video of our class & cultural feature.

Contact:  Brenda Baird, 513-860-5630-home or