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Ministry Partners

Jim and Deb Rumelhart

Jim & Deb Rumelhart - Athletes in Action

Jim works with the AIA Sports Performance department. Its purpose is to use sports medicine and strength/conditioning to share the love of Christ.  Jim’s role includes these opportunities: sports tours, international education clinic tours, campus ministry training, special events, and website resources.

Deb works with the AIA Human Relations department. She works to send laborers to build leaders to win the lost. 

Visit the ministry website at:

Call of Love Ministries logo on right and woman on left

Mike & Samya - Call of Love Ministries   

Call of Love’s mission is to bring the message of Christ to unreached Muslims all over the globe and to educate people on the truth about Islam. They serve through various media and outreach venues to deliver God’s message of HOPE and LIFE to the Muslims in North America and globally, and to disclose the TRUTH about Islam and awaken believers to God’s heart for the Muslims by providing practical tools and teachings. One item is a 12-lesson study on Islam and how to reach Muslims titled, “Dare to Explore.” A workbook, teaching videos, and answers to group questions are included.   

They launched Almagd TV - a 24/7 Arabic TV Channel with the potential to reach up to 600 million Muslims worldwide. They now chat weekly on WhatsApp and Viber with more than 300 viewers from all over the Arab world. 

Visit the ministry website at: 

Caring Partners International logo

Caring Partners International 

Caring Partners International is a Christian ministry that enables Bible-believing churches to meet the healthcare needs of the lost and dying around the world. Through meeting these needs, doors are opened to share the life-changing message of salvation through Jesus Christ. 

More than 80% of the world’s people are in need of basic health care services… and 100% are in need of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. CPI’s approach to helping those in need is to change their circumstances by providing them with urgently needed medical supplies and materials, education, better trained healthcare providers, and front-line primary patient care through the local church. Networks in numerous countries have been established to meet physical and economic deficiencies, while also serving to further the Lord’s work.

Visit the ministry website at: 

Group of African people outside a building

Sustainable Medical Missions

The vision of Sustainable Medical Missions is to train and support indigenous healthcare leaders in underdeveloped communities to treat Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) and other endemic conditions affecting the poorest community members by pairing faith-based solutions with best practices.

Their approach is competent medical compassion paired with the Gospel. Local leaders go to places where few are willing to go, and invest deeply into the lives of the community through comprehensive and systemic plans derived from their Sustainable Med training. SMM seed grants provide opportunities for partners to be creative in ways to bring about community education and awareness.

Visit the ministry website at: 

Matt and Amy Sees - Pathways

Matt Sees - Pathways

After 15 years of full-time pastoral ministry, Matt Sees, is part of the Pathways training team - operating within Reach Global, the mission arm of the EFCA.

Matt will help train pastors globally to study God’s word so those pastors can in turn train others. Pathways training is “the great equalizer for all pastors.” The equalizing power is not in the training itself, but in the word of God. The training affirms the message that the Bible can be accessible across languages, cultures, and educational backgrounds. On a recent trip to south Asia, Matt saw Bible school students and church leaders gathered to carefully explore God’s word together.

Because God has so richly blessed the work of those who have gone before, requests for Pathways training are multiplying faster than the team can keep up with them. One of the key prayer requests over recent months has been for workers to help provide the training, but the more pressing need is for wisdom about how to engage, equip and deploy the workers God has provided over the last few months. In south Asia, the Lord has brought many qualified national partners that the team is working hard to train and connect with others in multiple countries. Please pray that the Lord would guide these efforts as only He can.

Matt has several trips planned to South Asia, along with stateside Pathways workshops in multiple locations. Pray for cooperation across teams, effective training, and growth in relationships.

Vist the ministry website at:

The Warden family

John and Jennie Warden - Reconciled World

John and Jennie are home-grown missionaries sent out from Hope Church and have strong ties to the staff and community. They were on staff with Food for the Hungry for three years serving in Sucre, Bolivia. They now serve stateside where John serves as the Global Staff pastor where he supports, encourages, and consels staff in a variety of ways. John is also part of the global leadership team of Reconciled World. 

Reconciled World is looking to build its prayer network, recognizing that building a deeper and stronger prayer network is vital if the organization is going to appropriately grow.

Visit the ministry website at: 

Meredith Messer

Meredith Messer - Back2Back Ministries - Jos, Nigeria

Meredith serves with Back2Back Ministries in Jos, Nigeria. Back2Back Ministries is an international Christian non-profit organization dedicated to being a voice for orphans. We exist to love and care for orphans and vulnerable children, by meeting their spiritual, physical, educational, emotional and social needs that they might overcome their life circumstances and break free from the cycle of generational poverty.

Care for today is accomplished, in part, through ministry teams and partners who serve year-round. The staff stands back to back with directors and caregivers who serve daily in the children’s homes and with single mothers and vulnerable children living in marginalized communities. We come alongside them with physical, financial and human resources, encouragement, prayer, and training.

View the ministry website at: 

The James family

Joseph and Brittany James - AWBE - Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

The James family lives and serves with AWBE in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. They use their skills in healthcare and clean water ministries to build relationships with locals, and assist the team serving in Tanzania. The AWBE team goal is to come alongside nationals by training and empowering them to be successful disciple makers and church planters. Some of their current programs include an internship program, Grace Missions Farm, SIFA Threads, Healthcare outreaches, the Dar Health Initiative, and Mama Love.

Recently, the Biblical Training Center for Pastors and Leaders (BTCP) opened to provide accessible and comprehensive theological training to church leaders. The goal is to teach them to be rooted in the authority of Scripture, empowering them to grow in Christ as they plant churchs and make disciples. 

Visit the ministry website at: 

Patrick and Ritah Bongole

Patrick Bongole - Pastor at Muduuma Baptist Church Mbazzi-Bujuuko and Director of Kisima Junior School, Uganda

Patrick and Ritah Bongole grew up as orphans and the church was central in re-building hope in their lives. Therefore, after graduating from University, they committed to go into full time ministry to share the Living hope of Jesus. Immediately after their marriage in February 2016, the couple started making bricks which they used to build a school for children from underprivileged communities on the land that Patrick inherited from his maternal grandfather.

In 2018 Kisima Junior School opened on Mbazzi hill in the central district of Mpigi. To this day the school has provided quality education, feeding and discipleship to over 300 children aged 4 to 16. In 2019 they planted a church out of a weekly home fellowship with teenagers and youths. God is bringing healing, restoration and hope to children and families throughout the 8 villages being reached. Last year the Jesus Fountain well was drilled at the school and families are now accessing safe clean water. 

Patrick and Ritah lead a weekly feeding program. Through the annual Christmas campaign, hundreds of children have received special gifts of basic life items and celebrated Christ’s birth at the annual Christmas party.

Patrick and Ritah are blessed with four children: Gabriella, Timothy, and twins Elizabeth and Ethan. Alongside these, they foster three boys and 2 girls in their home. 

Apart from the local ministry Patrick is part of the national leadership of Alliance for a Uganda Without Orphans a Network that promotes family based care for orphaned children. He is a regular minister to schools and university campus ministries in different parts of Uganda and organizes annual camps for children and youths.

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