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Essentials to the Journey

Posted on: March 25, 2016

If we’re going to follow Jesus well on our life’s journey and also help family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors follow Him as well, we need to be able to answer some essential questions:

·         Why believe that the Bible is God’s Word?
·         What is in the Bible?
·         Would  you summarize the Bible for me?
·         How do I read the Bible in a way that I can understand it better?
·         How can my prayer life be more meaningful and go beyond a list of things I want from God?
·         How can I grow in my ability to love people well?
Join us for an  “Essentials for the Journey” Class, a five week exploration of these themes.  “Essentials for the Journey” begins this Sunday, April 3, at 9:00 AM downstairs in Room 108 and ends May 1.  

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