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First Step

Posted on: April 10, 2017

If you have been attending Hope for a short time or for several months, take a step to getting more involved by attending THE FIRST STEP. Offered after the 10:40 AM Gathering on selected Sundays during the year, you and your family are invited to join Pastor Stephen Kirk, Hope Church staff members and other guests for this guest friendly get-together.

When?  April 23, 2017

Where does FIRST STEP meet?    Hope Church, Room #105, Lower Level

What time does FIRST STEP start and end? It starts immediately following the Hope Church 10:40 AM Gathering (approximately 12:20 pm) and ends at 1:15 PM

Is there child-care? Yes in the Hope Church Early Childhood Center. 

Will food be served? Appetizers will be served

Why should I attend? Learn about Hope Church.  Discover next steps in your Hope Church journey.  Meet other guests and Hope Church staff & elders. 

Who do I contact if I have FIRST STEP questions? Pastor Gary Angstadt by phone 513.459.0800 ext. 306 or e-mail: gangstadt@hopemason.org