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The LIFE 360


The LIFE 360

Here at Hope, we are all about learning to live The LIFE: to Love God, Love People, and Multiply. Anyone who lives this life knows that growing in it is part beauty, wonder, and delight mixed with part challenge, perseverance, and hope. The journey to being formed in the image of God can be both wonderfully confounding and confoundingly wonderful.

With this in mind, Hope has begun the creation of The LIFE 360 which exists to encourage and equip the body of Hope as we learn to live The LIFE.

A simple way to think of it is as follows:

The LIFE is your growing love for God, love for God’s people, love for God’s world, and helping others catch this vision. Love God. Love People. Multiply.

360 is an intentional pause in the everyday rhythms of life where you reflect on God, His character, provision, and majesty, and then discern a tangible next step in The LIFE.

The LIFE 360 is an intentional pause to reflect on how you are growing in The LIFE, and what steps you can take into more. 

We look forward to being on this journey with you!

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