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The LIFE 360


The LIFE 360

Here at Hope, we are all about learning to live The LIFE: to Love God, Love People, and Multiply. Anyone who lives this life of discipleship learns that it’s about following Christ. Interestingly, we see Jesus model this nature of following with God, the Father. In John 5, he says “…the Son can do nothing of his own accord, but only what he sees the Father doing. For whatever the Father does, the Son does likewise.” He says similar things elsewhere in John as well (John 5, 8, 12, and 14, for example). All of these passages reveal that Jesus does what the Father tells Him to do.

All of Hope Church is about learning and growing and living THE LIFE. Disciples learn to accept grace, know (heart, mind, and soul) the triune God, invest in our church community, and engage the world with God’s beautiful Kingdom perspective. We are to have our minds transformed. To walk by the spirit. To carry our cross. To abide.  It sounds like hard work until we realize that Jesus says that he will give us rest, if we just come to him. But we can’t rest in our transformed mind without learning to be with the Father. And we know what keeps us from being with God, right?  Distraction. Busyness. We love our phones, our work, our comfort, and generally being “in control” of our lives.  And sometimes we just forget that, when we spend time with Him, we actually enjoy God more.

With this in mind, Hope has begun the creation of The LIFE 360 which exists to encourage and equip the body of Hope as we learn to live The LIFE. 

There are two facets to The LIFE 360. It is a reminder and invitation for Hope Church to rest – to pause, reflect, and take a next step in faith. Twice a year (January and August) we provide some tangible ways to intentionally have a time of rest with God – to pause, reflect, and discern a next step in our discipleship. Currently, we are offering the following three options with the hope that everyone at Hope would engage in at least one of them during January or August.

Oasis- Oasis is an evening designed to draw us into rest through worship and reflection. It includes times of quiet, singing, prayer, and communion.

Pathways- Pathways is a time together designed to draw us into rest through learning and practice. Each Pathways is organized around a theme. Participants can choose from one of several sessions and during their time, we will practice.

Podcast – This LIFE 360 podcast is the first of approximately 15 total where we explore the conundrum of distraction, discuss some biblical insights regarding distraction, and then provide a practical approach for being attentive to God within our day. You can listen to the podcast through your favorite podcast provider by clicking here.

The LIFE 360 is also a place to explore equipping information, testimonies, and encouragements regarding our walks with Christ. This page is still under construction! In the future, it will be filled it with stories of people who are living THE LIFE, some wisdom that we’ve gleaned from being on the journey, and some resources we’ve benefitted from as well. If you’d like to help with this aspect of The LIFE 360, please contact Jim Tinsley at

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