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Special Needs Ministry


Definition of Special Needs: Any child with unique needs that hinder them and their families from freely participating in church activities.

We want to see: The Gospel made accessible to all as the Body of Christ shows equal concern for people with disabilities and their families.

We aim to: Extend God’s grace by providing the care, resources, and opportunities for:

  • Provide the necessary support to individuals and families with special needs in order to allow them participation in the worship service, Sunday school, and other activities of the church.
  • Include children with special needs in Sunday school and worship times with their peers when possible.
  • Provide other children the opportunity to show Christ's love by serving alongside children that need support in church activities.
  • Show the love of Jesus Christ and present the message of salvation to everyone.

We minister because:

  • No physical, mental or spiritual condition is outside the transforming power of the gospel.
  • Every person bears the image of God and is infinitely valued and given purpose by Him.
  • The gospel demands our compassion, not pity, and respect, not reservation, for all.
  • Disabilities can be special abilities to experience God’s grace.
  • People with special needs have families with special needs.
  • The Body of Christ is not complete without people with special needs.
  • The Body of Christ is called to fully include people with disabilities and receives blessings in return.
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