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God is doing amazing things here at Hope Church! Our InsideOut project continues to move forward, and we are excited that our new Gathering is opening. While many projects like this create a new space that makes navigating the campus easier, because of the entire master plan with the new Commons, we recognize some challenges while construction continues.

With this transition, we know that Hope will come through stronger and better equipped to reach our community. We are calling our church body to be all-in with us during this time. This will be a time to extend grace to each other, reach out to those who may need assistance, and offer your time and volunteer for one of the many new teams needed to pull off this transition time.

Below are some helpful resources, including some maps of the campus to help you navigate on Sunday mornings.

Campus Maps

Campus Maps

Here you will find helpful maps of the Hope Church campus during this transition time.

What to Expect

Gathering Entrance

Q. Why can’t we access the New Gathering from the existing Main Entrance?

The transformation of the Commons area will be underway in this adjoining space, so the only access to the New Gathering will be through the two fire exits located at the New Gathering.  These entrances are temporary and will not be used as entrances once we gain access to the New Gathering through the Commons.

Drop-Off Zone

Q. Is there a way to drop people off at the temporary entrance to the new Gathering, given the longer walk from the parking lot?

Yes, please see these maps. There will be a one-way drop-off loop at the south side of the new Gathering. Please note the one traffic restriction in place between Gathering services, restricting exiting from the parking lot to Western Row. This is in place to reduce excess traffic congestion.


Q. Where can we park once the new Gathering is open? Is there Accessible parking available?

Except for where the temporary drop off zone is located, all of the main parking lot will still be available for use. We have reserved several of the closest spots as Accessible Parking spots.


Q. What should I do if I need to use the restrooms during the Worship service in the New Gathering?  

Leave the Gathering space via fire exit Door A (see map above), walk outside back to the Main Entrance to access the Hope Church restrooms. There is a single stall restroom located behind the stage for emergency use only.


Q. I've seen the golf cart parked outside.  Will that be available for use during the transition period?

Yes, the golf cart will be primarily focused upon our church family with mobility issues, and will have regular pick up/drop-off by a team of drivers before and after services at the Fellowship Hall entrance, the Main Entrance, and the temporary Gathering Entrance Door A. A map of the shuttle path can be found here.


Q. How can I volunteer on a Guest Experience Team?

During this time of transition, we would love to have you join one of our volunteer teams. We are looking for people for our Greeting Team, Welcome Center, Traffic Team, Coffee Team, and Shuttle drivers. Click here to sign up!

Service Times

Q. Will there be changes to the start/stop times of services and the transition time between services?

In order to allow for adequate transition time between services, our Gathering times will be 9:00 AM and 10:45 AM.


Q. How long will this transition occur?

We anticipate construction to occur through 2024 of the New Commons space. There will be an interior access created through the Commons area to access the New Gathering before the winter months arrive.

InsideOut Project

Q. Remind me, what is being renewed during our InsideOut project?

Our InsideOut project offers real, creative architectural solutions that position Hope Church for the next 25 years of ministry. The creation of a new Gathering will give the beauty of the Gospel and the glory of God a home specifically designed to enhance the quality of our worship. The creation of a Commons will put relationships, community life, and equipping at the center of our life together. And targeted renovations will upgrade the experience for our students, kids, and friends with special needs. We are renewing our campus so that it more accurately reflects our heart for people, and more intentionally promotes our worship and time in the Word, and our community life and equipping.

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