Tell us about your family and work: Married 28 years, my wife Tammi and I have two adult sons who live in Salt Lake City. We moved to Cincinnati in 2013 and became members of Hope in 2014. Tammi was raised in Mobile, AL and Dayton, and I in East Tennessee. I work in supply chain engineering as a project manager at GE Aviation.

When did you become an elder? I became an elder in June of 2019.

Tell us about your passion for ministry: I have a particular interest in biblical worldview. The Bible—God’s gift to us—has given me better relationships, wisdom, joy, purpose, and direction, and made me more generous and others-oriented.

Hope Church cultivates a biblical worldview, which orients all of life around Christ, and coaches us to see others through God’s eyes. When we realize His great love for creation, we are inspired to reach out, to take His good news to all peoples, and to apply Christ’s teachings to every situation, every moment of our lives.

We aim to help our congregation to nurture healthy relationships, first with God, and then with others. Out of our gratitude to Christ, we desire to thank Him in worship, to give, to promote knowledge of Him, and to support His redeeming, repairing work across the planet. It is my passion to see God transform lives, reconcile relationships, groom His people to enjoy Him, and to be outward-focused. Hope is for everyone!