Lee Yoder


Tell us about your family and work: Hannah and I have now been married for 13 years and have two incredible kids. They are both learning about God and His love for them more and more every day. Hannah is still a licensed RN, but currently spends her time homeschooling our kids, cooking, gardening, and doing everything in our home.  I was previously a Physical Therapist, but I am now a full-time real estate investor. I’ve had a passion for real estate and entrepreneurship for several years, but it was hard to leave a steady W2 with good benefits.  As we were able to build up our real estate portfolio and our team, I felt that God was calling us to take a leap of faith.  So, I left my PT career, and we started our own real estate company. Throughout this journey, Hannah and I have prayed frequently, often crying out, for God to make clear His path for us. We have our own ambitions, especially me, but we long to truly follow His will for our family.  He has been so gracious to us in this journey, and we know he’ll continue to provide for us according to His will for us.

When did you become an Elder?   in June of 2021.

Tell us about your passion for ministry:  My wife, Hannah, and I are all-in on Hope’s vision and mission for living The Life- loving God, loving people, and discipling others to do the same.  We long to continue helping one another discover grace, grow together, and make disciples of Jesus who will multiply. For 5 years, we served on the leadership team for the Cultivate Community, and we are still regular attenders. I’m also active with the Men of Hope. Hannah and I serve as leaders in the Early Childhood classrooms.  We are excited to serve more frequently alongside our kids now that they are old enough to participate more. We have started to serve in our local community through homeless shelters and food banks, and we look forward to finding more opportunities to restore the broken.