A Triad is three women or three men being discipled together by Jesus for a year or so with the goal of multiplying into three new triads.

At Hope we believe that Jesus’ plan to redeem the world depends upon intentional multiplying discipleship. While He invested in 12 disciples, He gave concentrated time to three—a Triad. He then sent them out to multiply—making new disciples of Jesus and equipping them to multiply with others. This ripple effect has reached the ends of the earth and will continue as disciples of Jesus, and churches, embrace this mission.

Have you ever been discipled? Would you know where to start, if given a chance to disciple someone else? Hope’s Triad journey can help.

It is designed to help you grow…and prepare you to multiply.

Being same gender, Triads create a safe context for deep and authentic sharing. Keeping it to three provides enough time for each to be heard. Additionally, a Triad builds in a sense of mutuality from the get go. Since each disciple is an equal participant, multiplying after a season is more conceivable. We believe that if you’re a disciple of Jesus you’re made for this; you’re ready to disciple together with a few others in order to multiply.

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