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Pursue Future Disciples 

At Hope, we are equipped to live THE LIFE and then to help others do the same. We do this by Pursuing Future Disciples. It is our prayer that God will use us today to bring His Gospel Grace to those who are outside the faith but inside our reach. 

  • Do you want to move from living an inwardly focused life to an outwardly focused life?

  • Does joining Jesus on mission where you live, work, and play challenge you? 

  • Are you saying ‘yes’ to God’s call to make new disciples?

  • Do you desire to bring Gospel Grace (in word and deed) to those who are outside the faith but inside your reach?

  • Would you like to learn how to make your life compelling and all your interactions gracious and winsome?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, consider joining Hope in their effort to Pursue Future Disciples 

To learn more about what Hope is doing to Pursue Future Disciple or to learn about the Hope Pursue Team contact Laura.

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