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Are you interested in learning more about Hope Church, our vision for multiplying discipleship, how you can join our Hope Church family, and what role you can play on our team?

Then CONNEXT may be your NEXT step in connecting with us and with what God is doing in and through us. CONNEXT is both for people desiring to learn more about our church as well as those seeking to become members.  

In the context of relationships, CONNEXT is about connecting with:

  • Our vision here at Hope for your personal growth as a multiplying disciple of Jesus,
  • Our Leadership Team and Elder Board,
  • One elder couple specifically who shepherds you through the process,
  • Others who are considering joining Hope.

Our membership class happens twice a year, usually in February and August. If you would like to be placed on an email reminder list, please email Teri.

As you connect more and more with our Hope Church family, please consider CONNEXT as your next step!  

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