Tell us about your family and work:  Kristin and I met while attending Taylor University.  We have been married 25 years and have three children:  Michael (17), Matthew (14), and Emily (11).  We moved to Springboro in 2013 as part of a job transfer and have been a part of the Hope Church family since December of that year.  I work as Vice President Consumer Experience for a financial services company.  Kristin, in addition to homeschooling our kids, works part-time for Taylor University.

When did you become an Elder?  I became a member of Hope Church in December of 2015 and an elder in September of 2020.

Tell us about your passion for ministry:  I wholeheartedly seek to build and lead community that will cultivate impactful long-lasting relationships, foster caring, and develop ambassadors for God with an outward focus.  To that end, I focus on four areas of ministry:  equipping parents for spiritual family leadership, working with a marketplace ministry approach, supporting Christian higher education, and preventing homelessness. I enjoy serving and leading within Hope Church Family Builders, plus other community and educational organizations aligned to these ministry focus areas.  My desire is that everyone would discover their life’s calling and pursue it as a disciple for Him.  This is the Life!